1 to 1 Tutoring with Diana Stewart

Helping you find sucess with personalised tutoring.

Because EVERY child deserves an education.

Children learn best in an environment where they feel safe and valued.

If you feel your child is struggling within the school environment and would benefit from additional help, the first step is to arrange an informal chat to discuss your child’s needs and what I can offer to support them.

Why choose 1 : 1 tutoring with

The Dyslexic Route?

Structured to your childs individual requirements.

Tutoring differs from education offered in schools, as it can be structured to your child’s individual needs and learning style.

Tutoring tailored to a childs interests.

Many children need a different approach, which can be tailored to their own interests and needs, to target any areas of difficulty they may be having.

For example:- dyslexic minds use a multi-sensory approach to learning, through sight, touch, hearing and movement, which isn’t always possible in a school environment.

Lessons will start with what your child CAN do.

Lessons can be planned around your child’s interests and will always start with ‘what they can do’ as a foundation to build on.

Bespoke teaching progressing at your childs pace.

Teaching will be bespoke, focusing on your child’s individual requirements, and will progress at the pace they need.

Specialist teacher using multi-sensory methods.

As a specialist teacher I am trained to use methods that are multi-sensory and beneficial to all pupils. Every pupil is taught in a bespoke manner targeting their own areas of difficulty, the delivery of the lessons adjusted to their own individual learning style.

My Approach

Children often become disengaged or lose confidence in their learning due to experiencing too many failures when they are not receiving the right support.

I feel it is important to always start with what a child already knows as a foundation to any new learning.  Each subsequent achievement is like a new brick to add to those foundations, until they have built the person they want to become and have the tools to make it happen.

 I use games A LOT during tutoring sessions. Games are chosen carefully with a specific learning point in mind which can then be consolidated later with more formal methods.

As the student becomes engaged with the game they often do not realise they are learning something new.  This is helpful, especially for children with learning anxiety who will often answer ‘don’t know’ rather than risk getting something wrong.  It gives them a chance to explore something new  in a fun way.

 Baseline assessments are important to find a student’s starting point but will be done in a non-judgemental way and often incorporates playing games.  Children learn best when they are relaxed, feel valued and are having fun, particularly if they have already had a long day at school. 

Targets are created from the results and lessons planned in half termly blocks using the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ cycle.  Learning will be  systematic and adhere to National Curriculum guidelines where possible.

 Lessons are normally 1 hour long and are usually broken up into several tasks, depending on the age and targets of the student.  This allows some flexibility for the lesson, especially if the student is struggling with something that needs more time or if they are becoming anxious that they can’t do something.  I will always try to finish a lesson on a positive outcome so that the student feels they have achieved something.  This helps to build confidence and positivity around their learning.


How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

If you feel like your child is struggling at school, the first step is to schedule a no obligation, free consultation, to see how I can help and if I will be the “right fit” for your child.


Agree A Plan Of Action

Whether your child:-

  • Has a specific educational need
  • Lacks confidence in their English or Maths ability
  • Struggles with their reading, writing or spelling
  • Needs help with their memory or organisational skills

We can arrange a bespoke tutoring programme just for them.

Watch Their Confidence Soar

Sit back and watch your child grow into the best version of themselves.

Tutoring by the hour.

Tutoring is delivered in 1-hour slots, pre-booked in half-term blocks.
All sessions must be paid for regardless of attendance.  Please see cancellation policy below for further clarification.

Lessons can be paid for on the day or in advance.

Discounted rates available for full payment upfront (non refundable) of half-termly blocks.

£32 – £35

per hr.

includes all
educational material.

Out of term tutoring.

Some parents like tutoring to carry on out of term time, to continue building on the progress already made.

I offer a more relaxed style of teaching during this time, focussing more on the childs interests rather than on the national curriculum.

Please contact me for prices and availability.

Cancellation Policy

Lessons should ideally be cancelled with 24 hours notice, less than this may incur a cancellation charge of 50%.

Still Have Questions?